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Gold Wedding Jewelry

Wedding Jewelry is the most cherished of all gold jewelry and the most important and considered jewelry choice of all gold jewelry purchases. Gold wedding jewelry often become family heirlooms that are passed down through generations, sometimes redesigned incorporating the inherited gold and precious stones.

Gold Engagement Rings

It is almost universal that engagement rings mean gold and diamonds. Engagement rings can be made of a purer fine gold because they are often not worn everyday. 22 karat gold engagement rings and 18 karat gold engagement rings are available containing 91.6% and 75% gold respectively.

White Gold is the favourite for wedding jewelry, particularly in America, for couples in their twenties. Yellow gold is more popular with the older couples.
A survey by showed 48 per cent of American couples chose white gold for engagement and wedding rings and 15 per cent chose yellow gold, with 29 percent choosing platinum.

Gold Wedding Rings

Most wedding rings are made from 14 karat to 18 karat gold because of their durability. 22 karat gold rings are also available but do not wear as well. 18 karat gold rings which are 75% gold, have a richer colour than 14 karat gold rings which are 58.3% gold.

International Gold Wedding Jewelry


"In Indian marriages, the additional adornment of a 'mangal sutra' or 'thaali' (a small gold pendant worn on a thread or necklace ) is the main symbol of matrimony. Tying a thaali around the neck of the bride by the groom, is the most important ceremony in Indian marriages. Wearing of 'chura' (set of red bangles given to the bride from her maternal side of the family) and toe rings (which the bridegroom puts on the brides toes) are also traditional symbols of marriage. The kind of ornament, of course, depends on the community to which she belongs and their particular customs", according to

Some of the wedding jewelry worn by indian brides include the mangalasutra, bindi, ear rings, bangles, nose rings and rings. Armlets and waste bands, although once impotant traditional wedding jewelry, are not currently in fashion.

In Indian weddings both the bride’s and groom’s parents give the bride 22-karat gold jewellery as wedding gifts.

China's Gold Wedding Jewelry Boom

In traditional Chinese weddings jade or gold jewelry is given as a gift from the groom's family to the bride.

In modern China today with western style weddings becoming more popular, diamond and gold engagement rings are becoming very common. The extensive marketing of weddings within China by the Diamond Industry has seen a rise in gold jewelry wedding sales also, as the two precious jewelry components are almost always linked together. Gold Wedding jewelry sales in China are set to rise with increasing numbers of young urban couples looking for a western style wedding ceremony.

Gold Wedding Jewelry in Europe

Traditional gold wedding jewelry is synonymous with European style and heritage. Europe has a long tradition of wedding jewelry designs. European gold jewelry designers from countries such as France and Italy have traditionally lead the way in wedding jewelry design that reflects the keynotes of marriage - love, commitment, celebration, romance and fidelity. Some famous wedding jewelry houses include Tiffany, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Unoaerre

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