Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Rose Gold Jewelry

Rose Gold Jewelry is usually a mixture of pure yellow gold with a high percentage of copper.

Rose Gold is often chosen as the colour shade in gold jewelry for its rich, feminine, romantic tones.

The colour of rose gold jewelry may intensify with age due to a slight tarnishing of the copper. This can be very attractive.

Rose Gold Jewelry with a lower karat gold may also include silver and cheaper lower karat rose gold jewelry may also include silver-colored alloys such as zinc and nickel.

Copper, due to its smaller atom size compared to gold, has a great strengthening effect in rose gold jewelry.

The different shades of rose gold are created by adjusting the amount of copper in the gold and metals alloy.

A higher karat gold such as 22 karat rose gold jewelry is a slight rose colour because it can only have 8.4% of copper to 91.6% of gold. As the karatage is reduced, the range of red golds are increased.

With 18 karat rose gold jewelry the ratio of gold is 75% to 9% silver and 16% copper to produce a rose gold and 75% gold, 4.5% silver and 20.5% copper to produce a rich red gold.

14 Karat gold red rose gold jewelry is often made by mixing 58.5% gold, 9% silver and 32.5% copper.

9 Karat rose gold jewelry is made with 37.5% gold, 20% silver and 42% copper to produce a rose gold. To increase the hue to a darker red gold, 37.5% gold, 7.5% silver and 55% copper are combined.

Rose gold is often combined with other coloured golds such as yellow gold and white gold to highlight the different colours of each. The famous Trinity Ring with three looped rings of rose, yellow and white gold is an example.

Rose gold is being used in new ways in gold jewelry making. It's rich colour combines well with many strong coloured stones. Designers such as Solange Aragury Partridge of London are using rose/red gold in their creations. " I love red gold the most, probably because of my skin tone, which tends to go a reddish brown colour. My favourite stone is the ruby, I love red gold and rubies, hot blooded colours." Read more about Solange Aragury Partridge and view her original strong designs at Gold Inspirations.

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