Sunday, January 01, 2006

22 Karat Gold Jewelry

22 karat gold is used by designers to create special pieces that are not usually worn everyday due to their high gold content - 91.6% solid gold. 22 Karat gold is quite soft and is easily worked. When at the hands of master jewellers, unique, inspiring jewelry designs are created.

According to the World Gold Council, the typical caratage for gold jewelry in India & subcontinent is 22 carat (91.6%), with the Arabic countries in the Gulf region's typical karatage for gold jewelry 21 carat (87.5%). Most other countries do not have 22 karat gold as their typical karatage, although they do sell 22 karat gold jewelry pieces.

22 karat gold jewelry is very soft and malleable and so it is capable of being manipulated into very intricate designs for gold jewelry. Most jewelry sold in India is 22 karat gold becauseof the popularity if highly ornate, intricate designs for gold jewelry. View some examples of 22 karat gold Indian jewelry at Other examples of 22 karat gold jewelry in Indian style can found at

European countries who sell a typical karatage of 22 karats include Spain and Italy.

Although 22 karat gold is considered soft compared to lower karatages, it is still able to be worn and is rarely damaged from wear, rather it is easily damaged if stored incorrectly without protection from contact with other pieces of jewelry.

22 karat gold jewelry
has the versatility of a good investment. Being 91.6% solid gold, it is a great way to carry your investment in gold if you require mobility in your assets.

22 karat gold will have the stamp of 22K or 916 in Europe, on it accompanied by the hallmark of the jewellers where it was made.

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