Sunday, January 01, 2006

Designer Gold Jewelry

Gold Inspirations has some amazing examples of what designer jewellers around the world are creating with the most versatile and beautiful precious gold. You can see why gold is the king of fine jewellery making with its beauty far outweighing any other precious metal and why 70% of all gold purchased is used exclusively in the art of jewelry making.

Weaving, granulation, filligree, repousse, hammering and moulding are but a few of the jewelry making techniques used to create stunning designer gold jewelry originals. Colour, texture, form, and size are all considered when creating fine gold jewelry.

Gold is often used in its varying hues of rose gold, red gold, white gold and now purple, green and black, to highlight the beauty of precious stones such as diamonds and rubies. Gold however, also stands alone to create inspiring gold jewelry when in the hands of master designers. The magnetising colour and richness of gold will always make designer gold jewelry a solid gold investment.

Often the designer will impact the price of a gold jewelry piece also. It is good to look for new designers who are establishing. The designer gold jewelry you purchase will increase in value with the designers profile.

Buying gold jewelry from a reputable jewelry store should ensure the quality and authenticity of the designer gold jewelry you purchase.

Some inspiring gold jewelry designers are below:
H. Stern - Brazil
Van Cleef & Arpels
Di Modolo - Milano
Paloma Picasso
Elizabth Gage - London
Annamaria Cammilli - Italy
Cartier - Paris
Mauri Pioppo

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