Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Gold Body Jewelry

Gold Body Jewelry is a modern phenomenon in the West. From the nose rings of the 1960's hippies, to the London underground culture of the 70's and body piercings on the punks of the 80's, gold body jewelry has been a symbol of western rebellion against the mainstream. From the 1990’s onwards however, body jewelry has become almost mainstream with belly bars becoming the norm for the 18-25 age group.

Some of the ways gold body jewelry is now worn include: Lip and Labret, ear piercing , nose studs, eyebrow piercing, cheek, nipple rings, tongue studs and belly bars.

Pictured is a white gold belly bar with diamonds. Yellow gold body jewelry and rose gold body jewelry are also popular.

There is a long tradition of gold body jewelry throughout the world. Body piercing has been practiced for over five thousand years in cultures all around the globe. Indian and Middle Eastern cultures have pierced their bodies with gold jewelry for many centuries. Tribes in South America, Africa and Indonesia, the religious castes of India, the Pharos of Egypt and even the philosophers of Greece and the soldiers of Rome were all adorned with gold body jewelry.

Shamens and High Priests of the Aztec and Mayan civilizations pierced their tongues as part of rituals to communicate with their gods. The higher castes would adorn their lips with labrets of pure gold.

Nipple piercings were once considered a sign of strength, virility and endurance. Many native cultures pierce their nipples as a mark of the transition to manhood. The Centurions from ancient Rome would also pierce their nipples to show their strength and duty to protect their emperor and in the 1890’s Victorian women would hang chains between their pierced nipples.

In Eygpt only the Pharos and their royal families were allowed to pierce their navels. In modern western culture navel piercing is one of the most popular of gold body jewelry.

Gold is the safest metal to use when considering Body Jewelry. Because gold is an inert metal with little reaction to skin and a smaller chance of infection, Gold Body Jewelry is the best when considering body piercing.

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