Sunday, February 05, 2006

Gold Grillz

Gold teeth have often been a fashion statement in the past. The hip hop movement in the US has initiated another gold jewelry fashion which is now going mainstream as more young people seek to get themselves some 'Gold Grillz'.

If you have never heard of Gold Grillz, they are also referred to as fronts. Gold Grillz often have cutomized designs inlaid or carved into them. People are encouraged to design their own gold teeth as their statement.

Made to order from a mold taken by a dentist or using a home kit, gold grillz are a unique jewelry piece for the brave and brash.

Here is a picture of some gold grillz encrusted with diamonds on the cover of a Krunky Boyz album.

Gold Grillz are also made for the bottom set of teeth.

The new gold jewelry market for gold teeth/grillz is another example of how versatile gold is in the creation of jewelry.

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