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Cartier Gold Jewelry

Cartier is one of the world's most famous gold jewelry designers. Cartier is synonomous with the words French Style.

Louis-Francois Cartier started selling his jewelry creations in 1847. His son, Alfred, opened Cartier Maison at 13 rue de la Paix in 1899. This area and Place Vendome - became the centre for French Jewelry Design. Alfred's son, Louis Cartier became the worlds most famous jeweller in the early years of the twentieth century with his bold futurist jewelry designs. Cartier was one of the first jewellers to use abstract designs and was ahead of the future Art Deco Style.

Cartier and Jaeger created the wrist watch in 1902 for pilot Santos-Dumont. Today Cartier watches are just as popular with 18 Karat yellow gold watch, 18 Karat white gold watch and 18 karat rose gold watch faces on an alligator band or 18 karat gold bracelet.

Cartier in London created many pieces for the British Royalty.

Panther inspired designs saw a new direction in design after World War One. Strong independent women seeking female emancipation during the deco period were strongly drawn to Cartier's powerful panther designs. Panther spots have been used to create stunning gold rings, brooches,pendants, necklaces, bracelets and watches using contrasting onyx, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds.

Cartier's reputation stems from their ability to create bold beauty through perfect symetry in design and meticulous workmanship highlighting true artistry in jewelry techniques.

Cartier's skill and design creates masterpieces from metals. Cartier's use of gold in gold jewelry creations is an example of this. Strong geometric designs that contrast different textures of the same coloured gold in Cartier's Tank Francaise ring collection is an example. Cartier's Tank Ring contrasts the square shape with the roundness of the ring. Simple, brilliantly effective, strong and powerful design.

Other creations in Cartier's tradition include Cartier's Famous Mystery Clocks where the hands appear to float in space and individual perfume containers made of jade, gold, and sapphires and limited edition pens with gold leaf against black enamel from oriental influences.

One of Cartier's most famous jewelry rings is theTrinity Ring, created in 1925. The Trinity Ring is a combination of the white gold ring, the yellow gold ring and the rose gold ring, intertwined.

Cartier continues to be a leader in gold jewelry design innovation and creativity. Cartier's exceptional quality and design in Gold Jewelry continues to be a signature for wealth, power and prestige.

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