Saturday, April 08, 2006

Gold Grill

Gold grills are not for the faint hearted. They are in your face and scream look at me now.

Gold grills originated as a way for gangsters to protect their teeth when in a fight, modern day armour for urban warriors. Many gold grills are encrusted with diamonds for added protection.

From this beginning they have been made fashionable in the hip hop scene in America and have spread around the world. It is said that even stars like Johnny Depp have a set of Gold Grills.

All Gold Grills are customised to fit the mouth of the wearer. There are both top gold grills and bottom gold grills for bottom gold teeth.

Many Gold grills also have diamonds encrusted in them. Diamonds add Bling to gold grills. In hip hop culture, Bling is big. Diamond gold grills are as big and loud as other hip hop jewelry items, such as oversized crosses, chunky diamond gold rings and buckles.

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