Sunday, April 09, 2006

Gold Heart

Gold Hearts are a favourite with many gold jewelry wearers. Feminine and romantic, a gold heart is often given to a person by their partner or admirer as a sign of their affections.

A gold heart symbolises love. Gold heart jewelry can be made of one or more hearts, usually worn as a pendant. Gold hearts can be solid gold, an outline of a gold heart, two gold hearts intertwined or any combination of designs.

Gold heart pendants are sometimes in the form of a gold locket that can be opened to hold a photo or a momento.

There are also gold heart rings, gold heart earings, gold heart brooches and gold heart charms for bracelets.

Designer Gold Hearts

Elsa Peretti
, designing for Tiffany & Co, has created some simple, yet beautiful gold hearts in varying designs including an 18 Karat gold continuous open heart necklace, literally a chain of gold hearts.

Paloma Picasso, also designing for Tiffany & Co, has used the gold heart as a theme throughout many of her gold jewelry designs. Paloma Picasso uses a double heart meeting at the points in earings, bracelet links and brooches. Another design is a ribbon falling into the shape of a gold heart. Paloma's Tenderness series of rings are elegant and stunning in their simplicity. An open gold ring, in yellow gold or white gold, cut at both ends in the shape of a heart.

Almost all gold jewelry designers have worked with the inspiring gold heart at some time.

The gold heart has so much symbolism and has been inspiringly designed by many master jewellers to highlight love in all its facets.

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