Thursday, April 13, 2006

12k Gold Jewelry

12k Gold Jewelry is very popular. The increasing price of gold makes 12k Gold Jewelry an affordable and practical option when purchasing a gold jewelry item.

12k Gold Jewelry is 50% pure gold. 12 of the 24 parts are gold and 12 parts are one or more additional metals, often a mix of silver and copper in good quality 12k gold jewelry.

12k Gold Jewelry can come in shades of white gold, rose gold and also yellow gold depending on the alloy mix used to make up the other 50%.

12k Gold Jewelry is very strong and lasts well. 12k Gold is often used for making gold jewelry pieces that are worn often and for areas of the body that come into contact with hard surfaces such as rings and bracelets.

12k gold rings are very popular because the strength given to the ring by the added alloys allow a 12k gold ring to be worn everyday. 12k gold rings are often bought as fashion rings, friendship rings, rings with stones incorporated and hard wearing man gold rings.

Expensive 12k gold engagement rings and wedding rings can be made with a combination of gold and platinum. The result is a 12k white gold ring that will not tarnish and has the added strength to be able to be worn daily without being damaged.

12k gold bracelets include tennis bracelets, gold chain bracelets, gold band bracelets, gold charm bracelets and a multitude of other bracelet designs.

12k gold is very versatile and makes 12k gold jewelry that is practical and able to be worn without fear of damage or marking of the gold jewelry piece.

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