Monday, December 18, 2006

Gold Jewelry Investment

Investing in Gold Jewelry can be a great way to increase your assets.

Often gold jewelry is considered only in terms of its aesthetic value and the joy that it brings the wearer. Often overlooked is the great benefit of owning gold jewelry as a storage of wealth.

What are the benefits of gold jewelry as an investment?

1. Gold jewelry has a higher retail price above the spot gold price than gold bullion.

2. Gold jewelry is easily transported. You can wear your wealth between countries when traveling.

3. You know exactly where your gold is if you are wearing it.

4. Gold jewelry is a beautiful smart gift between family members to give pleasure and show you care while still building your gold assets for the future.

What is a good gold jewelry investment?

When investing in gold jewelry pieces, keep in mind that the larger the karat the more gold is actually in the gold jewelry. For investment purposes 18 Karat (75% gold) to 24 Karat(99.99%) gold is preferred. 12 to 14 Karat gold is also considered an investment for everyday gold jewelry and rings with still 50% (12 karat gold) and 58.3% (14 karat) gold.

Depending on the type of gold jewelry, a balance needs to be made between high gold karatage and durability. For example a gold ring that is to be worn regularly is easily worn thin if made of 24 karat gold. A necklace can be 24 karat gold because it is more protected from wear and contact with hard surfaces than a gold ring or a gold bracelet or anklet.

A Gold Brooch is a great investment piece of gold jewelry that can safely be 24 karat gold.

How do I buy gold jewelry?

There are many ways to buy gold jewelry as an investment. They include:

Buy existing gold jewelry

You can buy new or old gold jewelry. New gold jewelry can be bought from gold jewelers. It can be mass produced, limited edition or a one off gold jewelry piece. The reputation of a gold jeweler can influence the price greatly. For example a Cartier or Tiffany gold jewelry piece carries the reputation of these brands with it and is widely accepted as a high quality gold jewelry piece. Some countries also have a good reputation for gold jewelry - Italian gold jewelry and Dutch gold jewelry are two examples.

Old gold jewelry can have a value above the gold content as an antique or collectors item. Heirlooms with a history can be a great gold jewelry asset.

When buying gold jewelry look for the markage that tells you the karat and often the design house and country.

Make Gold Jewelry

If you are wanting to convert gold bullion into gold jewelry you can negotiate with a reputable jeweler to do this for you. The great benefit of this is that you can have direct input into the design. It is very important to deal with a known gold jeweler and check their reputation. It is a good idea to have a contract with them and to get your gold jewelry tested and valued after to ensure the karatage is what it says.

There are many countries that make gold jewelry for a very low price and that have a long history of gold jewelry design. They include Thailand and India as well as many Middle Eastern Countries. Having gold jewelry made for you when traveling can be rewarding but can have a element of risk in the transaction and is definitely for the brave at heart.

Gold Jewelry Investment

Enjoy your gold jewelry pieces knowing that you are securing your financial future against inflation with gold.

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